Bee Thousand 33 1/3

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bee Thousand Book Extravaganza at Paradise Lounge in Boston
Before Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships / Big Dipper Show
Tuesday, 30 September

To introduce my book on Guided by Voices’ much-loved LP Bee Thousand, part of the world-conquering 33 1/3 series, to the rock cognoscenti of Boston (my home town—well, actually, Concord, but . . .), I'll be presenting a multi-media (or at least bi-media) Bee Thousand "extravaganza" at The Paradise Lounge (967-969 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston/ at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, 30 September, in the very same building as, and just before doors open (at 7:00) for the Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships show at The Paradise.

Come by for pre-show festivities at the Paradise Lounge. There'll be a randomly chosen interview cassette minute (usually at the expense of the author’s dignity), the collective making of a found poem from Bee Thousand lyric fragments using the Tzara Dada method of anti-lyric composition, the playing of a few Bee Thousand-era rarities, and a full-size anagram contest (prix d'honneur for the winner).

Should you require further inducements, the Chicago Tribune had this to say about the tome: “Akin to Guided By Voices themselves, Marc Woodworth's homage to the band's 1994 breakthrough [Bee Thousand] is fun, wordy, spirited and peculiar.” So am I.

Sing alongs? Why not? “Why I love this record in 200 words or less”? Bring your responses and I’ll read a few. I’ll also give away home-made, individually decorated, and very lo-fi indexes to those who buy the book or bring in their tattered, smudged and dog-eared copies.


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